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Yes! We accept Applicants who want to apply for work in Japan of all ages.

However, we do not guarantee employment for all our Applicants.

Yes! Applicants who are applying for work abroad MUST have a valid passport, NOT expired.

We only entertain Applicants with complete documentary requirements for work in Japan.

Yes! Make sure to add as much as 6 job experiences from AFTER attending formal schooling until the present.

Your picture should meet the following criteria:

– Must be a clear picture. No blurs please.

– Must be wearing a collared shirt. Dark and solid colors please. No sandos!

– Captures head and shoulders close up but not too close!

– White background.

– Taken in the last 3 months.

– Parallel shots only. No shots from above or below!

After you submit your application on our WISI Online Application Form, we create Info Sheets and verify your information before presenting this to potential employers. Applicants who’s information have been verified will be scheduled to take the WISI Online Assessment Exam.

Make sure to go back to it and update your information every 3 months as we continuously update our Info Sheets.

Applying on our WISI Online Application Form brings Applicants one step closer to meeting potential employers. We create Info Sheets of Applicants based on their information submitted on our WISI Online Application Form and present this to potential employers. Potential employers review the Info Sheets and select Applicants for an Employer’s Interview.

Applicants are highly motived Filipinos who are applying for work in Japan through WISI for the first time.

Qualified Applicants are applicants who have passed our examination, assessment and interviews online. They are one step closer to fulfilling their dream of working in Japan.

Yes! Qualified Applicants must cooperate with the WISI staff to pass all the documentary and processing requirements, the necessary language training, and be medically fit to work before becoming an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Japan.

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